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Delaware Climate Controlled Storage Tips

When selecting a unit size be aware of how well your items will stack into the unit. Odd size items take up more room and fragile items cannot be stacked on or around very easily. Use caution when stacking on particle board or composite furniture, those items will not support heavy weight stacked on them for a long period of time. Remember to leave space at the top of your unit to for air to circulate.

Tip #1

Q. Why Climate Control?
A. Climate controlled self storage units are equipped with heating and air conditioning systems to help protect your goods from extreme temperatures and humidity. You will also be more comfortable when you are working in your storage units, loading and unloading or just moving things around. Limits exposure to extreme temperatures and high humidity. Helps minimize any potential damage from mold, mildew and corrosion. Helps limit splitting and warping of wood items; and lessens yellowing, cracking and fading items such as photographs.

Tip #2

Q. Items most sensitive to extreme conditions are:
A. Musical instruments, especially pianos, clothing, wood and leather furniture, books, electronic equipment, computers business records, files, pharmaceutical products, antiques, photographs, vinyl records, and tapes. So, if you're concerned about your favorite things, and want to limit the effects of temperature and humidity, you may want to consider climate-controlled space.

Tip #3

Q. What size storage unit do I need?
A. 5 X 5--This unit is great for seasonal storage such as skis, bikes, beach gear and luggage. Also holds a twin mattress set, chest of drawers, chair, desk, filing cabinet and misc small items.

5 X 10--Perfect for storing items from a studio or a small one-bedroom apartment. This unit will hold a full/queen mattress set, sofa, dining room set plus boxes.

10 X 10--This unit stores a one-to-two-bedroom apartment including appliances. There's room for everything in the 5x10 storage plus a refrigerator, washer/dryer, patio furniture and many miscellaneous items.

10 X 15--Choose this unit for a two-to-three bedroom apartment or home. Holds all typical household items including appliances and furniture with plenty of room for boxes and other extra items.

10 X 20--Here's enough space for a small three-to-four bedroom apartment or home. Store everything with enough room for appliances, patio furniture, many boxes and miscellaneous. A popular size with our commercial customers who have excess inventory.

10 X 25--Enough storage for a large family, this unit holds items from a three-to-four bedroom apartment or house with room for garage extras. Of course there's space for appliances, furniture, boxes and other miscellaneous items too. A popular size with our commercial customers who have excess inventory.

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