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Q. What's a drive-up unit?
A. A drive-up unit has a roll-up door and its own loading area. Just drive up to it and load your belongings in or out. (OUTSIDE UNITS ONLY)
Q. When is my rent due?
A. Your rent is due on the 1ST of every month. - We do not send monthly invoices - Set up AutoPay with credit card (highly recommended)
Q. What does climate-controlled mean?
A. We offer special climate-controlled units that provide a constant temperature range. Climate-controlled units are inside units and are accessed thru an outside door and down a hallway. Please check our "Storage Tips" for a detailed explanation.
Q. What is required to rent a unit?
A. You will need one form of current federal or state issued identification with a photograph and signature on it, such as your driver's license, a phone number where we can reach you if needed, and an emergency contact.
Q. How long do I have to rent the unit?
A. All of our rental agreements are on a month-to-month basis. You rent with us only as long as you need the space.
Q. When can I access my unit?
A. You have access to your unit 7 days a week, 365 days a year during our gate hours. (7am-9pm)
Q. What's the difference between gate hours and office hours?
A. During gate hours, the gates will be open or you can use your gate code to access your storage unit. During office hours, our Manager is available to provide in-person customer service. Answering questions, selling supplies, accepting rental payments and so on.
Q. Do you provide locks?
A. You can purchase locks from Barton's Landscaping main store or you may bring your own lock. Only you will have a key for your lock and unit.
Q. Does anyone else have access to my unit?
A. No one has access to your unit unless you give them the key to your unit. If you do give someone else access to your unit, it's important that you provide us their names.
Q. Do you provide moving equipment such as pushcarts?
A. Yes, there are loading carts in the hallway of the climate-controlled buildings. The only thing we ask is that you put them back when you are done using them.
Q. Does your facility accommodate large moving trucks?
A. Certain units are more accessible than others. Please consult with the Manager if you have any questions.
Q. How much notice do I need to give you before moving out?
A. Please give us as much notice as possible. When you are done with the unit, please sweep it out, remove your lock, and stop by our office on your way out to let us know you've vacated your unit. This will allow us to make sure you do not incur any unnecessary rental charges.


Q. Will I receive a monthly invoice?
A. No, all customers will pay monthly the way they would for an apartment.
Q. How can I pay my bill?
A. AutoPay *(RECOMMENDED) - On a monthly basis, we will automatically charge your credit card for you. Please set this up with the manager when you move in. Pay in person - drop by our office and pay by cash, check or credit card (VISA, MasterCard). Pay by mail - Please make sure to put your unit number on your check or money order.
Q. Do you require insurance on my stored goods?
A. You are responsible for the items you are storing at our facility. We do not provide insurance for your goods. You may be covered under an insurance policy you already have. Check with your insurance agent to be sure. You may purchase insurance thru an individual insurance company.